Man goes for swim right outside flooded caravan in Skegness holiday park

Whoever said tropical water holidays can’t be had in the UK?

Residents of Skegness have been raising spirits – by swimming in floods outside their caravans. Skegness is a popular holiday destination, however it’s low lying and close to the sea which makes it highly prone to flooding, a good thing for some…

Credit: Alex Henderson, 28.

Ducks were next to join in on the fun, by swimming around the caravans. The site pool was closed due to floods, ironically. Although this is cool – it is not advised to do this yourself. Flood waters are a biohazard and can contain sharp objects, chemicals and even unwanted animals! So try and stay out if you can.

In all seriousness, flooding has been a major issue in the past week for much of Lincolnshire. A state of emergency was issued in Wainfleet after the nearby river Steeping burst it’s banks on Wednesday evening, causing millions of gallons of water to flood the town.

Picture (flooding in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire): Connor Degnan.

Although the rainfall has now stopped, the ground is waterlogged, and unstable, so extra care should be taken in area that have seen the highest rainfall volumes. River levels will slowly subside, and so will the flood waters. This weekend waters are likely to remain high however given that any further rainfall in the next 7 days will largely be lighter compared to recent days, things should slowly start to return to normal in the affected areas. 

Some warmth is looking likely in the South into next week, briefly, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Read more about that here. However, any prolonged and widespread warmth is looking unlikely in the next 10 days.