Aerial images show ongoing huge volcanic eruption in Italy

Stromboli, a volcanic island to the north west of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Mediterranean, erupted yesterday sending huge volumes of ash and dust cloud thousands of feet into the air. Unfortunately 1 hiker was killed in the island. The island has been evacuated (100 people).

The volcano is one of the most active on the planet at present, making it a high risk, however the island is fairly sparsely populated. These beautiful photos, courtesy of @CharleyAnil TW, capture the eruption from above.

Credit: @CharleyAnil TW


Tourists captured the moment the volcano erupted. This is pretty scary. What would you do in this situation?

Helicopters have been used to try and douse the ongoing flames from the eruption. Although flights to Sicily from the UK are not currently affected, movement of the ash cloud in the coming days has the potential to impact commercial airline travel. Keep a close eye on airlines websites for updates.