Hayfever warning: Very High levels for 5 days, forecast warns

More misery for Hayfever sufferers. Very high pollen levels have been forecast for pretty much the whole of England for the next 5 days by the UK Met Office. The only region to go down from very high is the far North East of England, which goes down to a “high” on Sunday and Monday.

The charts below, provided by the Met Office show the shocking forecast for the next 5 days, warning of consistent very high levels of pollen.

Very High levels of grass and other pollen mean more misery for sufferers.



Friday 5th July 2019:


Saturday 6th July 2019:


Sunday 7th July 2019:


Monday 8th July 2019:

Ultimately multiple consecutive days of very high levels is not good news for sufferers, with a cumulative effect likely. Our advice is to keep windows and doors shut, and clean clothes / synthetic surfaces that may be “contaminated” with pollen. Maintain a cool body temperature by staying inside as much as possible and drink plenty of water.