Extreme heat – Dangerous levels of heat forecast for Thursday

Temperatures today are likely to top out at 33/34C, with 32/33C forecast tomorrow. The all time UK temperature record is 38.5C, set back on the 10th of August 2003. Will we break that record? The most likely temperature quoted by most computer models / weather forecasters as a maximum on Thursday is 37C, 98.6F, which will fall short of the all time temperature record, but will break the July record, of 36.7C, set back on the 1st of July 2015.

Some computer models.

The Arpege (French) model is on the extreme end of the predictions, suggesting temperatures of 38C on Thursday. This would result in that July record being smashed (by a couple of degrees) and puts the all time record under threat.

The NMM model (a product of the GFS model) is suggesting highs of 36C. That would break the July temperature record.

Either way, whether we hit 36C, or 38C, that level of heat is serious. The Met Office have issued a level 3 heat health alert, meaning you should stay extra aware. Keep an extra eye on vulnerable people, the old, the young, etc. Those who are more susceptible to being affected by very high temperatures. Everyone should drink plenty of water though, and stay out of the sun during peak UV / heat times (10am to 4pm), during Thursday in particular, to prevent heat stroke.

Friday will also be another very warm day, in the South East. The South East will undoubtly be the hottest place, however notice how on both charts above much of England reaches 30C, with much of eastern England approaching the mid 30s. That is serious heat, don’t take this lightly, is our advice!