Severe thunderstorms possible in parts of the UK tomorrow night

Another fine and hot day across the UK tomorrow, with the warmth more widespread. Temperatures are likely to reach 30C, 86F for parts of central and south east England, with 24 to 28C more widespread. Even Scotland and Northern Ireland will be feeling warmer tomorrow at 21 to 24C, with some sunshine.

By Tuesday night there is a real risk of Severe thunderstorms – you can find a risk map below.

The thunderstorm risk really kicks off overnight Tuesday night into Wednesday. In places the storms could be very intense, producing strong winds, heavy rain, frequent lightning and even a risk of some hail. Rainfall totals of 20-30mm are possible within an hour or so in the worst affected areas. Thunderstorms are difficult to predict, and often form sporadically, so although we are pretty confident there will be some scattered around, there isn’t a guarantee that you will see them even if you are in the risk areas.

RISK MAP: The most at risk areas are outlined below, and generally it’s North Wales, the North Midlands, parts of Northern England and Scotland at risk.

Parts of Scotland and North East England could potentially wake up to thunderstorms and wet weather on Wednesday, however for the rest of the country expect another very warm to hot day. Temperatures will be even higher on Wednesday, perhaps reaching 34C in a few spots of south eastern England. Please note that these details could change in the next day or so.

Thursday: major heat surge likely. Thursday looks like being the hottest day of this spell, with around a 50% chance of temperatures reaching 37C in parts of south east England. If this occurs, the UK will have a new July maximum temperature record, beating the previous record of 36.7C. Temperatures should gradually cool down for all from Friday and into the weekend.