UK Woman tries to climb Ben Nevis in FLIP FLOPS

An unknown-idiot woman was pictured by Janey Ballantyne attempting to climb the UK’s tallest mountain in flip flops and leggins, more suited to a tropical beach.

Passers by were shocked as the lady attempted to climb the 4,000 ft peak. Some people have called her a “rescue mission waiting to happen”. The woman who posted the images said she didn’t get to the top, thankfully. As weather conditions deteriorated as she gained altitude, it because increasingly difficult for this strange lady, and she walked up with her hands in her POCKETS!

Ben Nevis is a challenging mountain even for a moderately experienced hiker, with some difficult sections. It is no place for a novice – and is CERTAINLY no place for a novice wearing flip flops.

In 2014, somebody else wearing flip flops was found half way up the mountain with a twisted ankle. Needless to say this a really dangerous and stupid thing to do. Perhaps she was drinking the night before in a Scotch pub?

More information about remaining safe and climbing Ben Nevis can be found at  Think twice before embarking on this challenge!