Breaking: State of Emergency issued as Montana hit with 40 inches of Snow

Some parts of Montana have reported up to 50 inches of snow (4 feet and 2 inches), especially on higher ground. Some lower elevation areas have reported a mixture of precipitation which means ice is a major issue here. 

There is actually still a blizzard warning in effect for a county in North West Montana, due to the high winds associated with this event. Even though the snow is gradually easing, significant winds (up to 60mph in gusts) will produce the likelihood of the development of big snow drifts. Some of which may grow upwards of 10 feet in height.

This image below was sent in today from Sunburst, Montana, and it’s still snowing

Pic: Linda Burley

The following statement was released from Montana Gov. Steve Bullock earlier today. “With an unprecedented winter storm throwing our state a surprise in September, state and local governments are working closely together to protect the health and safety of Montanans and our top priority is making sure that happens,” Bullock said in a statement. “Montanans should heed all warnings from state and local officials, travel safely, and be cautious during this time.”

The forecast: snow is continuing to fall in some areas, and will continue for another few hours before gradually stopping in the next 24 hours. Parts of Alberta, Canada will continue to see significant snowfall. Some areas here have already received 8 inches, and up to 18 inches could accumulate as a total by late Tuesday.

The long range forecast points to the “potential” (not a definite) of further wintry blasts, especially for the North West, through October. This means you should be on watch for the potential for further winter storms.