UK Live Snow Tracker – 2024 ❄️

Our bespoke live snow tracker map shows exactly where the rain, sleet and snow is in the UK right now. Add your postcode to see the chance of snow in the next hour in 5 minute intervals. Shows where it is snowing right now in the UK using the Met Office’s high resolution rain and snow radar system. Choose the region you would like to see the live UK Snow tracker for below ❄☃️.

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ℹ️ Shows live & forecast UK severe weather data.


ℹ️ Our live snow map shows where it’s raining and snowing right now in the UK, and by adding your postcode you can see the chance of snowfall in 5 minute intervals for the 2 hours. It also has a “5 day forecast” tab, which shows the risk of snowfall in hourly intervals for the next 5 days. Our 5 day detailed (high resolution) UK snow forecast system has a 100 metre resolution meaning it is able to tell the difference in snow for areas very close to eachother! This enabled a high forecast accuracy not seen anywhere else. Our live snow map shows Live snow and rain from the UK Met Office radar system, and is updated every 5 minutes. You can track the conditions in your area by adding your postcode or location to the map.