Snow Update: Some places tomorrow in for disruptive snow, others rain

This map is not a definite forecast of snow, but highlights which areas are most likely to see it through tomorrow.

Forecast explanation and detail:

The air tomorrow will not be desperately cold, so unlike during for example “the beast from the east” during which the air was well below freezing for all, temperatures tomorrow will be hovering at around 1 or 2C, so some places will see a mixture of rain and sleet, whilst others not so far away will see moderate snow, so it’s a fairly complicated and tricky forecast.

Early tomorrow afternoon from around 12pm to 3pm we can expect a mixture of rain, sleet and moderate snow across northern parts of England, Mid and North Wales and the North West Midlands. Above 100m a transition from rain to moderate snow is likely (75-90%), however below 100m elevation the chance of seeing the rain eventually transition to snow is slightly lower (only 50%), so this is a tricky forecast as explained. Areas that do see a progression to snow, which is higher for inland and elevated towns and cities like: Stoke on trent, Buxton, Sheffield, Birmingham, Coventry, Leeds, and slightly lower for more coastal, low elevation areas: Manchester, Blackpool & Liverpool. Later into the evening the snow and sleet mix will reach the East Midlands and Lincolnshire, again giving a mixture of rain sleet and snow with the bulk of the snow to hills, but there will be a touch to lower levels (in places), and where it does fall a few centimeters of snow will accumulate.

Once we head into the proper evening hours of tomorrow, from around 7pm onwards towards midnight, we start to see that risk of snow further south east, into the east Midlands, Lincolnshire, and then towards South East England. Below 100 metres the risk of snow is moderate (around a 50% chance), but where it does fall there is the potential for 2-5cm of snow here with more over the Chilterns and North Downs. Eventually the messy mix will clear into the early hours of Wednesday leaving a legacy of cold, dry and frosty weather. A very cold night is predicted with minimas of -3 of -4C for some central areas of England, Scotland and eastern Wales, so ice will be an issue to start Wednesday.

Further west we’ll start to pick up some wintry showers from the word go on Wednesday, with places like North West England, NW Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Western Scotland seeing some wintry showers with some accumulations of hail and snow in places. A cold day on Wednesday

Later in the week there’s the potential for another snow event on Thursday across similar areas to those affected tomorrow. Again, there’s significant uncertainty with regards to this however where snow does fall it could be quite disruptive. Stay tuned to the forecasts! And please send in your UK Snow Reports on our facebook / twitter social media outlets tomorrow.