Major cross-country Snow-Storm imminent: what you need to know

A rather intense snow storm is expected to affect Northern regions in the next few days. The latest weather radar (courtesy of shows that it’s currently snowing heavily in southern Minnesota with some snow showers extending into Wisconsin. This is associated with the snow-storm that’s expected to develop over the next few days.


The snow-storm is expected to intensify over the North. Heavy outbreaks of snow, with rates of 1-3″ per hour are likely from Wyoming, through North and South Dakota and into Minnesota / Wisconsin. Up to 12 inches of snow may fall on higher ground, Winds will also be an issue initially, meaning there’s a potential for some large snow drifts. These may block roads, isolating rural areas from the wider community.


The storm is expected to affect the Mid-West with a nasty mix of rain, sleet and snow. In places snow will turn back to rain, and then back to snow again, especially further snow (i.e. Lake Erie). In these areas, freezing rain / ice is a real possibility, do be aware if you are planning on travelling. Further north, near the border with Canada, it’s likely that the precipitation will remain predominantly as snow, dumping between 6 to 12 inches. Meanwhile, snow showers will likely continue to affect Minnesota / Wisconsin, dumping a further few inches. 

Early next week

This system is expected to clear off into the North Atlantic early next week, however it will draw in a cold northerly wind producing the risk of some lake effect snow around the Great Lakes. However, before this, some wintry precipitation is likely in the North East on Monday. This may fall as heavy snow inland, around inland New York state (i.e. Albany), northern Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Here some fairly big totals, perhaps near 16″ on some higher elevated areas, are possible. For lower ground areas, inland from the coast, up to 12″ is possible.

In Summary

This snowfall accumulation map, from, highlights the main risk areas from this snow storm. Note, there’s 2 main big snowfall accumulation areas. The first is from Wyoming through South Dakota, Minnesota and into Wisconnsin, the far north of Michigan, and the second around the north east. Both these areas are likely to see big snowfall totals and impacts from this storm. Quite a big storm with country-wide impacts, but nothing unheard of. Do remember though, for more central northern areas, early this weekend there’s a risk of some significant drifting of any accumulated snow due to high winds.