Multiple Blizzard Warnings issued as Blizzard Rages Central U.S.

Heavy outbreaks of snow, with strong winds, are set to continue over parts of North Dakota and West Minnesota in particular in the next 24 hours. Some places, locally, could receive up to 24” (total) of snowfall, enough to cut off some rural areas and produce severe travel disruption. The concern into next week is more about lake effect snowfall. Some beefy and potentially prolonged lake effect snow showers could affect parts of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in particular. Some areas could see up to 12″ of snowfall from these lake effect showers, especially on new years day (1st January 2020). However, focusing on the Blizzard, NOAA has issued multiple Blizzard warnings. 

These are in force for much of North & South Dakota and also parts of North West Minnesota, especially counties close to the border with ND.

For these areas, NOAA gives the following warning information:


* WHAT...Blizzard conditions. Additional snow accumulations of 4
  to 8 inches. Winds gusting as high as 50 mph.

* WHERE...Stutsman, Logan, La Moure, McIntosh and Dickey

* WHEN...Until noon CST Monday.

* IMPACTS...Travel will be impossible.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Significant blowing and drifting of snow
  will result in whiteout conditions.


Travel should be restricted to emergencies only.

The latest road conditions for the state you are calling from can
be obtained by calling 5 1 1.

For more information on advisories and warnings issued by NOAA, please visit their website at

Areas that are coloured red in the map below are included in this Blizzard warning.

Severe travel disruption is likely from this storm, especially in the Blizzard warning areas. 
Local areas may become cut off from surrounding areas due to the severe conditions. 
Accumulations may reach 24" in some areas. Please keep safe on the roads! Admin.

This snowfall-accumulation map from shows how much snow accumulation is expected in the next 24 hours: