It’s -7C in Oxforshire, Cumbria and Wales this morning

A bitterly cold start to the day. -7C has been recorded in parts of Oxfordshire, Cumbria and Wales this morning. Temperatures were as low as -9C in Scotland, but have since lifted thanks to cloud. Many places are at -3 to -4C thought, so be careful of ice on untreated roads and surfaces during journeys this morning.

Current cold spots:

Benson, Oxfordshire: -6.7°C                                                                                                Sennybridge, Wales: -6°C                                                                                                    Shap, Cumbria: -7°C

These are the recorded overnight minimum temperatures (via

Temperatures today will struggle to get above freezing for higher parts of Northern England & Scotland, however most of us will get up to just 4-6C, still chilly.

Through this week we will continue to see some cold nights, and chilly days. It will also remain mostly dry, however cloud and rain will plague the North West at times. A turn to more unsettled conditions with the risk of some heavy rain is expected from Wednesday on wards. That being said, I’m hopefully of some more mixed conditions this weekend.

It may be chilly in the UK right now, but spare a thought for those in Minnesota, who have seen almost 2 feet of snowfall. This picture was sent into us from Duluth, Minnesota by Jessica.